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Game News
Welcome to the Evil League of Evil LOTRO kinship web portal. We are a group of friends playing on Arkenstone server.  Membership is open, and players are on daily.
Guild News

Holiday Party

Roswenthe, Dec 24, 10 10:35 AM.
We will be having a holiday kinship party on January 8th, where we will purchase our kinship house! Join us for a tour of kinship houses, a vote on which house to get, prizes, gifts, snowball fights, and more! Time will probably be around 2pm EST.

The Evil League of Evil Retake Weathertop (with photos!)

Hobthrush, Dec 24, 10 10:34 AM.
At the behest of new recruit AaronJ, the Evil League of Evil set out on an epic (in more ways than one) quest to retake the ruined tower of Amon Sûl from the forces of evil. The other evil... you know, the one with orcs, goblins, wargs and one particularly humongous and grumpy old troll.

While waiting for Swart and Nemel to join us, Hobthrush and Aaron share out the pipe-weed.

Oh yes we can. L-R: AaronJ, Nemel, Hobthrush and Swartgathor

Famous last words.

Aaron knocks ten bells out of a goblin!

Hello, Mr. Orc! Meet Mr. Arrow...

Typical men. Attack one goblin and leave the lady to deal with three at once -.-

Can anyone smell burning?

Warg time!

Aaron versus Throk-goth

Nemel's famous sense of direction, AKA Did he fall, or was he pushed?

Crunch time!

Our first attempt at flattening the troll; and why is it, that even with Nemel right in front of him, the goblin-master is still picking on me?!?!!?

Shooting a troll in the butt \o/

P. S. Did Nemel get lost again?

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Roswenthe, Oct 4, 10 2:27 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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